released January 19, 2015



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MY NAME IS NOBODY Nantes, France

Vincent Dupas is singing as My Name Is Nobody since 2002.

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Track Name: Sleeping Bat Dunes
It is five to six.
The dove is not landing
On the edge of my window
As it did for the last six months now.
I felt that the little bird
Was about to take off.
Instead of being vampirized
By the bat it used to travel with

I gave the dove fresh air
Until I couldn't breathe myself.

The bat was drinking his own blood Bringing down in his fall
The little dove and many other birds Drinking their blood
Tearing away every little feather Until the naded fowl will crash

I gave the dove fresh air
Until I couldn't breathe myself.
Track Name: Lifeline
Where are you going ?
What is your lifeline ?
You've got the money and the job
That's all you get from a restless life
Do you know you're losing yourself
Helping cowards.

That's why I'm quitting
This filthy game.
You know I can't handle
The terrifying, terrifying ending I still have power
But I'm saving it for later
I dropped a part of me Decanted my energy in yours

But this is enough
And I'm keeping some for me
I'm sorry beauty
You're not the one I thought you'd be.
Track Name: Devon Avenue Blues
No happy ending, no catastrophy
Once again, a true understanding
Of a dead end situation.
In which pushing the walls is tirering and pointless.

I opened a window
But the frame was already broken.
I tried to fix it.
Impossible not to hurt myself
Even if I was using the right tools.

The view was splendid but full of trap I avoided most of them
but the last one was tricky
No I'd rather close the broken window
To keep the few things I fixed
As a little glory
I'm learning new tricks every single day. Patience is the key
Patience is the key of a true understanding.

A happy ending, a catastrophy
with moderation and long live love.
Track Name: A silence
Sorry, I've been a silence
I am your healthiest friend
You told me that
Outrageous relationships are exciting your brain.

As your healthiest friend
I would love to tell you that.
You're taking over your life
Cause you don't really take a break
You won't get to yourself
Cause you don't really take a breath

That's the way you do the letting go
Late night, hard work, no sleep, no wonder
Track Name: Safe Travel
Have a good night
Let this moment begins
Your body's sleeping alongside another man
But your mind, your soul, you know they belong to me, Your mind, your soul,
you know they belong to me.

Ooohh. Have a good night.

Have a good night
Make the next meeting come true
Our bodies sitting
With no other man between.
Pending for a gentle and warm embrace.

Ooohh. Have a good night.